Dreamers Box

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place my order?

To place your order go to the top of this page and select SUBSCRIBE and select the box and size shirt you wish to receive. Then click order. From there it will take you through the quick check out process. 

When can I order?

You can order your box today. But if you order your box after the 19th of each month you will not receive a box tell the following month. For example if you order your box before Nov. 18 then you will receive a box the last week of November. If you order your box after Nov. 18 then you will receive your box the last week of December.

How much is my box worth?

Subscription Box value:

When you pay $39.95 for the Dreamers Box you will get a box worth $39.95 or more.

When you pay $59.95 for the Dreamers Treasure Box you will get a box worth $59.95 or more. 

When you pay $99.95 for the Ultimate Dreamers Box you will get a box worth $99.95 or more.

Our one-time box value varies.

Many or our one-time boxes in the Dreamers Shop are like the subscription boxes. You will get what you paid for the box or more. (Excluding shipping & tax.)

Our Park Dreamers Boxes are a little different.

With our Disney theme park boxes it is more about bringing the magic to your home. We would love to give you 100% value, but we have to factor in cost, time and handling. 

So with the Park boxes you will receive about 70% in Disney Park items. We try to get you more value when we can.

When do you ship out your box?

Each month we will ship out our boxes between the 26-28, but if there's a holiday it may delay your box. We ship USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day in the US with Tracking Number. Canada is Priority Mail International 6-10 business days. 

What is the difference between the Ultimate Dreamers Box, Dreamers Treasure Box and the Dreamers Box?

The Ultimate Dreamers Box has 4-10 collectibles each month. The Dreamers Treasure Box has 2-5 collectibles each month. The Dreamers Box has 2-4 collectibles each month.

What brands come in the Dreamers Box?

We have official Disney, official Star Wars, official Marvel, official Pixar, Disney Parks, Disney Showcase, Disney Traditions, Disney Britto, Funko, Precious Moments and so much more.

What collectibles are in Dreamers Box?

You will get different collectibles each month. You will find high quality collectibles, pins, collectible toys, apparel, kitchen items, home decor, jewelry and so much more in Dreamers Box each month.

Will the guy Dreamers Box have Disney Princess/ Girly themed character collectibles in it?

On months that the theme is a Disney Princess or girly themed character the guy box will ether have other characters from that theme or have a different theme all together. For example if the theme is Snow White we many make the guys box theme the Seven Dwarfs or we may just do a different theme all together like Marvel; But if a guy would like the same theme as the girls box please let us know when you order and we would be happy to do so. 

Can I return my box?

We are very sorry but due to the custom nature of the Dreamers Box subscription we can not offer returns or exchanges. However, if you receive a damaged collectible due to shipping (Which should never happen because we take extreme care in packing all our boxes) but if it does happen we would be happy to replace it. Please contact us immediately. 

Do you ship outside the US?

We only ship our Dreamers Boxes in the US and Canada at this time. 

Are you affiliated with the Disney Company?

Dreamers Box is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar or any other subsidiaries or its affiliates.