Hello Dreamers

A little about me and why I started Dreamers Box. 

I'm a big Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar fan. I love going to the park and seeing the movies. If you were to come to my home you would know that I am a fan and collector. I know it comes from growing up in a Disney family. At some point in their lives each person in our family has worked for they Disney company. My family and I also have alway been a family that loves and supports each other and has always been encouraged to dream big. 

Why I started Dreamers Box? 

I started it from my love of Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar. I could say I'm a nerd when it comes to all things Disney. I wanted to make a box that people couldn't wait to receive and are so excited to open. It would be like it's christmas every month. You know what theme it is going to be each month, but the collectibles are still a mystery. 

You know each box is going to be great, because I take the time to come up with a great theme and hand pick each Disney, Star Wars, Marvel or Pixar collectible that goes in the Dreamers Boxes every month. 

Made by a fan for the fans.